Beaded Cross Craft


I’ve had many people ask for the instructions for these beaded nail crosses! These make great gifts for retreats, teas, dinners, etc. And they are so simple and take about 15 minutes to make!

You will need:

Two nails (One larger than the other)
Approximately 1 metre of thin wire (Make sure it is thin and flexible. If you get too thick it’s hard to bend around the nails.)
Thread/ribbon for hanging
Beads of choice ( make sure the size of the holes will fit on your wire.)

Anchor the two nails together by winding the wire tightly several times diagonally around the point at which they cross. Leave the wire attached to the center and thread a few beads on at a time, winding it around one section of a nail heading out from the center. As you wind back towards the center, cross the wire over the part you have just beaded to anchor it tightly in place. Don’t forget to make a small loop of wire at the top of the vertical nail to attach the string for hanging.
It took me around 15 minutes to make one cross. You can vary the color and size of beads you use and even the size of the nails. Small crosses would work well for bookmarks and larger crosses for Christmas tree decorations.

6 responses to “Beaded Cross Craft

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  2. OOOOOOoooooohhhhhh! I like this craft.

    How’s little momma doing? That’s you.


  3. Love these! Do you think my second grade religious ed class could make these? We have an hour & 15 minutes for the class.

    • Certainly! I have a second grader and I am positive he could do this! The only thing I might do differently is instead of using a seed bead I might get the larger seed beads to make it easier to thread. Happy crafting!

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