Some of my favorite Holiday crafts:

One day I would like to have some kind of craft booth at all these Winter Wonderlands where I will sell all my sanity savers. 😉 I love making things and it does keep me sane.These are a few of my favorites.  Okay kids….NAP TIME!!!


Clear ornaments, fill with fake snow, paint pen face, baby sock for hat.





One of my favorites for a gift… Take their wedding invitation, cut into strips and placed in a glass ball. Give to newlywed couple for their first Christmas. Would work for baby showers and other things too.


This also would work for sororities. Just paint their colors.


This is a paper napkin decopauged onto a glass ball. I just had a wonderful idea to use my wedding napkins so I can keep 1 or 2. 🙂


With 3 boys (4 counting my husband) I need a “manly” tree. I plan on making a themed tree eventually. I am doing it in woodsy stuff. Owls, deer, bears, etc. This acorn ornament would match well.


For those animal lovers.

nail cross

Put beads on wire and then wrap around 2 nails. A really good gift for ladies at Church!  you can find the instructions for these here: Beaded Cross Craft


One paint stirrer. Print words onto scrapbook paper, Modpodge on, add wire to make into an ornament.


I LOVE this one!!


To make for a classroom OR a good project for the kids!


You can get these directions here:


Made of Brown Burlap attached to a 14 inch wire base with craft wire and glue. Add a Monogram, ribbon, and a flower.


Christmas decorations…


Oh the Santa key.Used for when you don’t have a chimney or just because it’s a cute idea. Hang it on the front door on Christmas Eve.  You can google “Santa’s magic key poems” and a million will pop up. Here is a cute one:

It’s the night before Christmas & we’re excited as can be. 
We’re leaving this out for you…it’s a very special key.
You can shimmy down the chimney, or tiptoe through the door.
Just use this key we left for you to find cookies, milk, & more


Felt Christmas tree with all the trimmings.


snowman made from a pallet. Looks easy enough.


Material covered poster board with embelishments and fringe added to your taste. Then just plop them over lamp bases or vases through out the house. I love these! It looks like something you would spend $80 on at Hobby Lobby.


Buy dollar store stove burner covers and a candle stick. decopge scrap book paper onto them for any theme you like. Glue together and voila….cupcake stand!


Christmas potpurri. Find out how to make it here:


Wonderful neighbor gifts. We “wisk” you a merry “Kissmas”


Cute for teachers!


Gavin’s class is getting this for Christmas treats this year. God is still in my school!!! 🙂

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