Monday’s Mentionables

It’s Monday and it’s time to talk about my five favorite mentionable’s from this past week!

Mentionable View:  Cypress Springs, FL

We went canoeing via old Cypress canoe rentals in Vernon, Florida.  We paddled down Holmes Creek which crosses paths with Cypress Springs. The water was so crystal clear blue! It was beautiful!

Cypress Springs via  modern day proverbs wife

Mentionable Clothing Line: Simply Southern Tees

I actually own a couple of these shirts I was given by somebody else but didn’t realize it was this particular brand.  After discovering them online I am positive I could wear every shirt they ever made! They are adorable! The one pictured is my next future purchase! Check them out here:

Simply southern tees via  modern day proverbs wife

Mentionable TV Show: The Good Wife

We will soon be coming up on a year that we got rid of cable. We watch only Netflix and Hulu plus. Getting rid of cable I have discovered shows that some people have been watching for years that I have heard of but never seen before. I have seen many people post about TGW on Facebook but had never seen an episode until recently. I started from season one episode one and I am now in season two. I really enjoy the show because although it is a show about lawyers and crimes, it’s not your typical CSI, NCIS, or Criminal Minds where every show is different yet the same storyline pretty much. Every episode so far has been unique and completely different and it has a great storyline that will keep you coming back for more as well!

TGW via  modern day proverbs wife

Mentionable Meal: Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon

In an attempt to stop eating out so much AND to eat healthier choices I set out on a mission to pre-make meals for lunch. I could seriously eat salmon every single day. You can find my recipe for the brown sugar glazed salmon here:

Brown sugar glazed salmon via modern day proverbs wife

Mentionable Sweet Treat: Dairy Queen’s Cotton Candy Blizzard

This blizzard is so good that after Dairy Queen removed it from the menu 5 years ago a petition was started to bring it back. But it has a whopping 400 calories in the mini alone. 😦  It is worth every bit of those calories…once a year. LOL

DQ Cotton Candy Blizzard via Modern Day Proverbs Wife

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