Spicy Peach Chicken On a Bed of Garlic and Herb Kale

This was another big hit. I had never had Kale before so it was all new to me. I don’t like peaches very much either so I started to change it to a different flavor but decided I better not mess with a perfectly good recipe! Thank goodness I didn’t! It turned out perfectly and was not excessively peachy! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Spicy peach chicken on a bed of garlic and herb kale

Spicy Peach Chicken On a Bed of Garlic and Herb Kale


For the Kale:

1 bag of Kale (enough to the feed your family)

Garlic and herb seasoning for sprinkling

Olive Oil infused with Garlic (I found mine at Wal-Mart)

For the Chicken:

4 tbsps. of peach jelly or jam

2 tbsp. of hot sauce ( I use Crystal sauce)

1 tbsp. of brown sugar

2 tsp. of garlic and herb seasoning

1 lb. of chicken breasts

Rub the kale with the garlic olive oil and let it sit for a while.

While your Kale soaks up the Olive Oil, mix the jelly, hot sauce, brown sugar, and garlic and herb seasoning together in a bowl. In a baking dish top your chicken with the mixture and bake at 350 for about 30 minutes give or take depending on thickness of chicken.

After the kale has sat for a while sprinkle generously with the garlic and herb seasoning and bake at 350 until crisp. It took about 15 minutes.

Place your chicken on top of your kale and ENJOY! Thank you to Simply Tara Lynn for this wonderful recipe. I have found quite a few healthy recipes on her site! You can find the original recipe here: http://simplytaralynn.com/2014/07/27/spicy-peach-chicken-over-baked-kale/

I paired this with roasted vegetables and sweet garlic potato wedges. You can find those recipes here: https://moderndayproverbswife.wordpress.com/2015/01/30/sweet-garlic-potato-wedges-and-roasted-vegetables/

Spicy peach chicken on a bed of garlic and herb kale

2 responses to “Spicy Peach Chicken On a Bed of Garlic and Herb Kale

    • They did! Well, Trace tried it anyway. Gavin and Easton both ate it. Like I said, a lot of the healthy foods are definitely an acquired taste and you have to train yourself to like them but once you do, you start craving them. I’ve been craving the kale since the last time I cooked it! It was actually really good with the olive oil and garlic herb seasoning. And baked in the oven it’s crispy and not mushy.

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