Caramelized Salmon, Roasted Green Beans, and Cinnamon Greek Yogurt Sweet Potatoes

With the New Year usually comes New Years Resolutions. I choose not to make New Years Resolutions because I feel like I am setting myself up for failure. I mean really, how many of us actually stick to those? So instead, each year I make goals for myself. That way when, not if, I slip up,  I don’t feel like I am a complete failure.

For this year’s goal, I have vowed to cook healthier for my family. Not only do I need to lose some weight, but also I am so very unhealthy and have started a trend of junk food with my family. So as I sit here eating an Oreo with some Red Hots, I am going to blog about all of the healthy(ish) foods we have been eating to make myself feel better! LOL My goal is to find recipes my whole family, kids included, will eat and to make easy ones with very few ingredients. I don’t want to buy the grocery store to make one recipe. You feel me? Most healthy foods are definitely an acquired taste and you sometimes have to train yourself to like them but after a while I actually crave them.

I am pretty far behind on my blogging so your emails might have quite a few recipes over the next few days. But some of you have asked me repeatedly to share my successes, so here goes!

Carmelized Salmon, Roasted Green Beans, and Greek yogurt Sweet potatos

Caramelized Salmon

You will need:

Salmon ( Enough to feed your family. I use the frozen kind but you can buy fresh)

1 tsp. of brown sugar for each piece of salmon



Add water to the bottom of your broiler. Wash each piece of salmon and place them on the broiler. Rub each piece with 1 tsp. of brown sugar. Place your broiler in the oven and cook for about 30 minutes or until fish is cooked all the way through and flakes with a fork. The time will vary depending on whether your fish is frozen or not and how thick they are. I have to be honest…this is my favorite thing I have made yet!

Roasted Green Beans

You will need:

1 lb. of fresh green beans

1 tbsp. of olive oil

salt to taste

1 tbsp. of soy sauce


Steam green beans in the microwave for 4 minutes to soften them up. You can buy the steamer bags or just use a gallon sized Ziploc with holes poked all over the top of it. <—-That’s the cheap way. :)~ Remove from the microwave being extra careful not to burn yourself with the steam! Drain the green beans in a strainer while heating up your oil in a large skillet. Place the beans in the skillet and sauté until they start to brown. Add the soy sauce and sauté for about 2 more minutes. Salt to taste.

Sweet Potato with Cinnamon Honey Greek Yogurt


One large sweet potato

2 tbsps. of plain nonfat Greek yogurt

1 tsp. of cinnamon

1 tsp. of honey (plus a little for drizzling)


Place the sweet potato in a plastic shopping bag (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc.) and tie the top loosely to leave room for breathing. The bag keeps the moisture in so the potato doesn’t dry out. Cook in the microwave for 10 minutes give or take a little based on the size of your potato. Be careful of steam when you remove the bag from the microwave. While your potato cooks, mix together yogurt, cinnamon, and honey in a bowl. After potato has finished cooking, scoop out the good stuff and add to the yogurt mixture. Mash and mix it all up and put it on your plate. If you fancy, drizzle with some extra honey. Voila! Yum!

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