30 Things I want my sons to learn


  1. Rely on God because He is your best friend!
  2. Talk to God on a daily basis. Not just when you need him. He will always listen even when no one else will.
  3. Don’t let your past mistakes own you. But do keep the scars from those mistakes close at hand. They’re part of who you are.
  4. Say “I’m sorry” without hesitation. Own up to your mistakes.
  5. Offer those less fortunate a helping hand even though some may not deserve it and most will never appreciate it.
  6. Be okay with, and unashamed of, the possibility, however slight, that you might be wrong. Just maybe…
  7. Like what you like.
  8. Don’t change for someone else, unless it’s for the better.
  9. Be confident in your life long decisions.
  10. Follow your heart but use your head.
  11. Treat girls with respect. Imagine yourself with a daughter one day…treat girls like you would want boys to treat your daughter.
  12. Choose your battles. Some things are just better left alone.
  13. Throughout life you will spend a lot of time with yourself. Like yourself.
  14. Give people the benefit of the doubt, until you doubt the benefit. Then stop. You’ll know when that is.
  15. If you show up to class on time and sit in one of the first three rows, you will succeed.
  16. If the police officer or the teacher is talking, you’re listening.
  17. Be a person friends can rely on. Help friends move, bail them out of trouble, return phone calls. Always follow through and keep your word.
  18. Don’t try to impress people. Aim to impress God. You can never fail if you live life like that.
  19. Pay your fair share. Don’t be a moocher.
  20. There is a difference in confidence and arrogance. Learn the difference.
  21. Stay in shape. You need a strong vessel to hold that soul!
  22. Your tongue is a dangerous weapon. Use it wisely.
  23. Don’t ever assume that someone else is looking out for your best interests. Some people are. Most people are not. If you find someone who is, guard and treasure that relationship above all others.
  24. Set goals and work very hard to accomplish them. In the end you will realize the journey is often more fun than the result.
  25. Pray often. I mentioned talking to God already but it’s worth a repeat.
  26. Remember even though I can’t see everything you do, God can.
  27. Use your imagination. Life will be a lot more interesting.
  28. Don’t let others waste your time. Time is important and those who abuse yours aren’t deserving of any more of it.
  29. You reap what you sow.
  30. Never quit. If you start something, finish it.


One response to “30 Things I want my sons to learn

  1. With a few word changes this could be good for everyone. Should be printed and put on every bodies bathroom mirror.

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