#MomLife Installment 1

I am not a big Twitter user and honestly, I have no idea HOW to use it. So when Facebook added the hashtag option I was a bit clueless. I had to have a friend explain why her post ended with #tbt #gome #neverquit #cutiewitdabooty #highschool #younginlove. I added a hashtag soon after that to one of my posts which was #MomLife  and get this…you can click on your hashtag to read other posts with the same hashtag. So naturally I clicked on my #momlife hashtag and I immediately breathed a HUGE sigh of relief! All those things I thought could only happen to me…Nope. Some of them are just too funny not to share! So in honor of the life of working mothers and stay at home Moms alike,  I am sharing all of your #MomLife posts! Enjoy, and stay tuned. #Momlife never stops so there will be more!

Found a princess sock & playdoh in my pocket. #Momlife  ~Kathy Duong (Twitter)


Does it make me a bad Mom if I find this picture funny and oh so true? #momlife ~Chantel White (Facebook)


I buy magazines all the time and never have the time to read them. 😓 #momlife ~Presleyy (Twitter)

#momlifeJust gave 12 stuffed animals check ups. 2 have follow ups coming before bed for itchy ears, but everyone else is doing just great! #MomLife ~Tracey Nolan (Twitter)


I hate when I have to lay the baby on my lap because there is no one to hold him when he is crying and I HAVE to pee. #momlife ~Montana Rae Yates (Twitter)

Tyler just yelled banana at me for like 15 minutes. #momlife ~Bekah (Twitter)

Found Quinn butt naked, standing on the bathroom counter, checking out her biscuits and doing a whole lot of giggling! #momlife ~Rachel Levian (Facebook)

#mychild is #refusing to #nap today, so I’ve been dealing with this… all… day… long… #cryingbaby#crybaby#justgotosleep#naptime #tempertantrum#screamingbaby#joysofparenting#momlife#cry ~Hollie Ruthless (Facebook)

#momlifeI’ve had this same pony tail for 3 days now. #momlife ~Charissa Ulrich (Twitter)

#momlifeI’m just chillin in my car eating my lunch because Ayden is asleep & I don’t want to wake him until I’m finished eating! #momlife  ~Madi (Twitter)

I wonder what it’s like to eat supper and not have to share everything on your plate with a 2 year old who had the EXACT same stuff #momlife ~Lou (Twitter)

#momlife ~Jennifer Baker (Facebook)

#momlifeYou look away for one second… #momlife ~Mandee Palmer (Facbook)


This weekend, my son addressed me with, “‘Sup, guuuuurrrrlllll…”  It required further discussion. #momlife ~Brooke Wagner (Twitter)

It’s so nice to be back on my Harley again! #momlife  ~Marissa Miller

#momlifeWhen you finally get to take a hot bath, the tub is always filled with plastic toys. #momlife ~Jennifer Allen (Facebook)


3 responses to “#MomLife Installment 1

  1. The bad part everyone of these can happen in one day. I can LOL about it now because it’s you and not me.

  2. Sorry, but the fact that you “save your spankings” for those times when you can’t handle your own stress still makes what you do to your children qualify as abuse. I have children and they are certainly a handful as well. But not only do they not smear vaseline all over the floors and walls, but when they do misbehave, I don’t have to strike them to change their behaviour. In fact, you would be surprised what a bit of patience, dedication and simply being present can do for the behaviour of children. I noticed that you are a Christian and encourage you to read with a bit more attention. Jesus definitely doesn’t think its cool for you to hit your kids…and if he was married and had them, I bet he didn’t hit them. Every time you spank your kid, you are abusing that child. Its very sad.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, Tim. I was spanked as a child and I am alive and well and turned out pretty great. I do not feel I was abused, nor do my children. You are entitled to your opinion and we can leave it at that. Have a wonderful night and may God bless you and yours.

      Proverbs 13:24 Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them.

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