The Consequence Jar

Consequence Jar

Spanking the kids at my house is a last resort. I save them for those moments when I am at my wits end and about to rip my hair out. I use them for those times when one of my children has had a warning but continues to do whatever it is he was warned about, or when a child rubs a whole jar of Vaseline on the bathroom floor and walls and his body and his hair and the dogs hair. You get the point. Don’t get me wrong, I completely believe in the power of a good spanking. I also believe it can wear it’s potency off. Children remember the pain of a spanking. If it is used as a punishment too often they learn the pain wears off fairly quickly and they can go about their day. But if spankings are used sparingly and few and far between all your child can remember is how bad it hurts.
I have 3 boys. This summer was a great summer with a lot of fun. But it also was a loooooonnnnngggggg summer with a lot of bickering and fighting. I had to come up with some sort of punishment so I wasn’t mediating between my 2 oldest sons (10 and 4) all day. I started feeling like all I did was gripe at them and I wasted my whole day sending them to their room or raising my voice.
I decided to make a consequence jar. It’s a win/win situation. It punishes the kids and helps me out around the house. Hello! That’s a no brainer! You hit your brother? Go get a consequence. You made a smart remark to me? Go get yourself one of those consequences big guy. What’s that I hear? You two are arguing again? Both of you go get a consequence! I no longer spend my time talking until my face turns blue about why you don’t hit or yell at each other. And honestly, my house has never been so clean!

I bought a jar, 2 packs of rocks , and some popsicle sticks from the Dollar Tree. I wrote age appropriate chores on the sticks. I made sure it was age appropriate for both children so I didn’t have to make 2 different jars. I added things such as sweep the kitchen, mop the bathroom, clean your room, make your brother’s bed (which teaches doing kind things for others),  vacuum the living room, wipe the table, etc. I even was nice enough to add a Get Out of Jail Free stick. No one has gotten that one yet though. Muah ha ha ha! 😉 It only took about 2 weeks before they caught on to the fact I was enjoying this new punishment and secretly hoping they would fight so I didn’t have to clean the toilet. Smart kids…. The only problem now is my 4 year old still thinks the majority of the chores are fun. *Sigh*

Consequence Jar

Consequence Jar

Consequence Jar


5 responses to “The Consequence Jar

  1. I love this, Jennifer! I wish I had been so creative when I was raising my three. I had a doctor friend here in Jackson tell me that his secret to great kids (of which he has 4) is that from the beginning he allowed them to experience the “full weight of the consequences of their choices.” It really hit home with me that I had not done that so well, that I had in some situations tried to shield them from the consequences of their choices or soften the blow as they say. Anyway, great post and keep allowing God to use you to encourage others in the most important job in the whole wide world!! Love you.

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