Summer Fun- Slime


Summer break is so much fun but sometimes can lack enough excitement. The boys get bored very easily if we aren’t going 99 mph every day. So I have searched pinterest and the web for the best ideas to keep them busy.


1/4 cup cornstarch

1/8 water

Food coloring (optional)


Add food color to the water before adding it to the cornstarch. Use desired amount for the color you want. Pour water into cornstarch while stirring. When the mixture is too thick to stir knead with hands. Pick up the big blob and watch it ooze through your fingers! This slime is really cool because as long as you are moving it, it is almost like a play-doh consistency but as soon as you stop it turns into slime. Voila! Hours of fun. When the slime gets too dry just add some water to loosen it up. Not too much! A little goes a long way. You can also leave your slime on parchment or wax paper over night and then add water in the morning to loosen it up all over again.

**WARNING!!! Food color can stain hands and clothes. Use at your own risk!

Summer Fun- Slime

Summer Fun- Slime

Summer Fun- Slime

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