How I organize the Boys Homework Schedule

With 3 boys in the house AND my husband things can get pretty hectic around here. Schedules and calendars are the only way I can live my life without pulling my hair out. I finally figured out I could start handing over a lot of responsibility to the kids if I used checklists and calendars!

This is the homework schedule that works for my family:

My oldest son has a dry erase board with the days of the week in his room. His teacher sends home a bulletin on Mondays with dates for tests and due dates for homework. I write all the dates for the week on his dry erase board so he knows what to do each night and what to study for. I can just tell him to check what’s on the calendar for the next day and it works out great. Plus it makes it his responsibility to study, make sure he has forms signed, and get homework done and turned in before it is due. It also lets him know what is due the next day so he knows what to pack in his backpack at night. It’s one less thing I have to worry about during the week.

Homework Schedule

My middle one starts school this year and will have a much simpler version of this in his room. (Which I haven’t made yet) And once Trace has his schedule down pat, I will start all over on Easton’s.

I have a magnetic dry erase board on the refrigerator with the days of the week for myself so I, too, can keep up with what is happening during the week with school dates, Dr. appointments, work schedules, etc. for all children and my husband! I have color coded this one by name.

Weekly Schedule

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