That Dirty Thirty Age


30 Positive Things About Turning 30

I had dreaded turning 30 for months! I went through stages of denial, sadness, worry, etc. I mean in all reality it wasn’t that big of a deal. I just was having a hard time with the fact I wasn’t in my prime anymore. I was having a hard time accepting I am now considered middle-aged and I am the age I used to consider really old  ancient when I was younger. Agggghhhh! It has been about a week since my 3oth birthday now and I am in a much better place about it. I have put together a list of positives about being 30.

  1. I have learned who I really am and what I want from life. There is so much to learn about yourself and your goals in your twenties!
  2. I’m still 25 years away from being considered a senior citizen!
  3. I’m not 40 yet…
  4. I have gone from being sad my “going out” days are over to being ecstatically happy spending time with my family. Nothing makes me happier than being with my children and husband all day and spending our time doing something fun the kids enjoy. I love seeing their happy faces.
  5. I can run for president in 5 years!
  6. Instead of being involved in all kinds of drama, you can now watch it and get a good chuckle. Remember those days when it mattered Susan didn’t like your shorts, Jeremy thought your hair color was to dark, or Becky didn’t invite you to the beach with your other friends. Sure, some most of these things may still bother you, but the drama that goes along with it isn’t a factor anymore.
  7. I can watch the news and not get bored.
  8. I can watch the History channel and not get bored.
  9. I can read the Bible and not get bored. (I’m seeing a pattern here…)
  10. I can make decisions and stand by them. I am old enough to make an educated decision without having to ask everyone else’s opinion. Chances are I probably wouldn’t like their opinion anyway!
  11. I’ve learned when to pick my battles. It is okay to let some things go and it is equally okay to discuss others.
  12. I’ve learned that looks definitely aren’t everything. While they are still important and it is a must to take care of yourself I have witnessed stunningly beautiful women make butts of themselves because they were not very good people. You have to have a personality to go along with that face little lady.
  13. I know that family are the ones who will be there for me when I need them most.
  14. I know that money isn’t everything. Again, money is important and can bring simpler times but God provides the things I NEED not WANT.
  15. I have learned how important it is to put others before myself thru trial and error. I’ve had my selfish moments and I am sure I will have more, but it makes me genuinely happy to please others and make them happy.
  16. I don’t have teen acne…just wrinkles. (okay not a positive…UGH!)
  17. I understand all the mistakes I made as a youngster (and some as an adult) have a meaning. Each single thing in my life either taught me a lesson, made me smarter, or shaped the person I am today. Without all those “mistakes” I would be a completely different person and I’m not sure I would like another version of myself. Obviously because I am so happy with this version! 😉
  18. I have learned to laugh at myself. Over and over and over. I say things at the wrong times, I often make jokes that aren’t funny, and I say things before thinking sometimes. I am not the only one in the world who does those things.
  19. I am able to look at all the new fashions and wear the ones I like and scoff at the ones I don’t. I don’t have to wear something just because it is in fashion and because “all the other girls” are doing it. Crocs are hideous people. Stop wearing them in public! And definitely not with socks!
  20. I’ve learned if I want something done right I should just do it myself.
  21. It’s okay to ask for help.
  22. Life is unfair. I won’t always get my way.
  23. I have learned my parents actually knew what they were talking about all those years ago. Their advice and opinions were actually spot on most of the time. BUT….
  24. I have learned that sometimes it is okay to learn thru trial and error. Someone else may not always have the best answer for me and I will never have all the answers.
  25. That saying “Treat people the way you want to be treated” is so important and should be an everyday part of life. If everyone lived by that we would have world peace.
  26. There will always be people in the world who just don’t like me and that is fine.
  27. I can dismiss silly things I did a month ago as “That was when I was in my 20s”.
  28. I can talk to people in their teens and 20s with a sense of wisdom.
  29. I don’t have to let my thong underwear hang out of my pants in an attempt to look sexy.
  30. I’ve got another 10 years to enjoy being in my 30s!


4 responses to “That Dirty Thirty Age

  1. 40 and 50 are even more liberating. I love #12, 29. Love Love Love
    #6, 17, & 23, The rest make me happy happy happy. Please print this out and when you turn 40 read it and write another one at that time.
    Love Mom

    • I remember the first day I decided to sit down and “catch up on the world”. I flipped to CNN and the breaking news was the elementary school shooting. I was in shock. And I catch myself watching the late night news sometimes. It’s not an every day thing but nice to know whats going on. 🙂

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