Mold No More…

How to EASILY remove all the mold trapped in the caulk around the tub


I have always had trouble getting all the mold that has sunken into the caulk around the tub off. I tried something new today and it worked like a charm. I could only do so much scrubbing before my arms felt like they were going to fall off.

  • Take an old rag (preferably white) and cut into 1 inch strips. (I used an old cleaning rag so it was already pretty dirty)
  • Soak in bleach until they are sopping wet.


  • “Smush” them all around the side of the tub until it is completely covered with rag strips.


  • Leave on for at least one hour or more if you have time to let it sit. Over night would be great.
  • Remove and voila. No more mold. No scrubbing. Hardly any work! 🙂 (I only left mine on for about 45 minutes because I try to get everything done during Easton’s nap time so it didn’t quite get EVERYTHING off. But it got the majority off with no effort from me. That’s my kind of cleaning!)


I washed my strips out and saved them for next time. I have a tote I keep all my bathroom cleaning supplies in, so I just stuck them in there after they were dry.  Good luck and happy cleaning!

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