Pirate Party Theme

Pirate Party

I did not have a blog 2 years ago so I didn’t take very good pictures for blogging about the party. I will post the best pictures I have. From now on I will take pictures of EVERYTHING!  We combined Gavin (8 here) and Trace (3 here) into one party right in our very own back yard. We had it separated by sides for the little guys with their own bouncy house and then the big guys with theirs but that lasted about two minutes.

I printed out skull and cross-bones and made flags to line the driveway. You can see ONE at the very bottom of the picture…


At the entryway I printed out a sign that read BEWARE! ENTER AT YE OWN RISK!! I found this really cool pirate looking font! I attached sticks to the flags and the sign to post them in the ground. (It also happened to be October so all the spooky decor around helped out a little)


This picture DOES NOT show hardly any of  the food table, but it slightly shows the sign. We had a food table with a red table-cloth and “piratey” snacks. A sign was attached to the table that read, “Ye Grub!”

Ye Grub

The gift table/gift bag station was covered with a black table-cloth and had a sign that read, “Ye Loot!”

Ye Loot

The lunch table had a black table-cloth with red cloth napkins along the top. The chandelier in the middle was something I had for Halloween but was perfect for the centerpiece with its yucky spiders on it and all. 🙂 I had black plates and red cloth napkins tied with black ribbon. The cups had skulls and crossbones on them.

lunch table


We made cupcakes (the boys helped make them) with chocolate frosting and placed an edible skull on top. For the punch we had “blood punch” made from sprite in a cup and then adding frozen Hawaiian punch ice cubes. It tasted awesome! This is the best picture I could get of me adding the cubes so they could see their drink “turning to blood”.

blood cubes

And what Pirate themed party is complete without their very own pirate who also did balloon swords and parrots (and anything else they wanted)? He had a real sword the kids were quite infatuated with!

pirate MikaelPirate

And last but not least, the kids favorite part of the day was Pirates Cove! I bought bags of white beach sand and put them in 2 different kiddie pools (one for the little ones and one for the big guys). I buried treasure in them such as eye patches, telescopes, candy, coins, necklaces, slinkies, etc.

Pirates Cove

When time came they all dug in to find all the treasure hidden within! They placed all their findings in a big red bucket and it was later distributed equally into goodie bags.

little guysbig guys

The day ended with a friend spending the night and of course no party is complete without a fire and marshmallows!


The little landlubbers had a blast and they didn’t want the day to end. This was by far the best party we have ever had!

One response to “Pirate Party Theme

  1. Jen you are such a gifted writer after reading this I felt like I was there. I do remember that even the “big boys” A,D,&B had a great time!
    Keep the stories and insights coming, I get so excited when I see you have a new story and I can’t wait to see what you’re sharing.
    You are one of the blessings I count twice!

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