These are a few of my favorite things…

Just a few of my favorite organizing ideas that you may or may not see in later posts done around my house. I have so many more favorites but these are some that I might actually use. With 3 boys I am going to have to create some short cuts for myself.



Hang a mesh bag on the back of each childs door for them to put underwear and socks into. Throw the whole bag in the wash on laundry day and into the dryer when done. No sorting socks or underwear! I am sold!


Place a mail organizer on a shelf in the closet for flip-flops. Now that is just genius!


Hang baskets on the wall in the closet for underwear, socks, belts, etc. to free up some drawer space.


My kitchen is oh so tiny and has next to no counter space. When I buy fruit that I don’t put in the fridge it would be nice to have this to free up the counter. Plus it kind of looks cool.



This is something I will have for all 3 boys. All of them will be on different school schedules and have different sports practices and such. This will be an easy way for me to keep up with what is happening weekly for each child. Papers and reports due, field trips, practices, play dates, and any other item for a specific child can be written on the weekly calendar as a reminder for who has what going on. It also has a clip for holding papers such as things for me to sign and return. Underneath will have a hook for a backpack. Yes, I am one of those Moms that goes through my childs backpack. It’s just good parenting…toot toot.


My laundry room is more like a disaster area for the moment. But one day… ūüôā

My washer and dryer are separate like this. A small counter above each one is a great idea.


3 baskets placed in the laundry room labeled dry clean, fix, and donate. These are self-explanatory¬†but just in case: I have accidentally¬†washed dry clean items a million times because I had nowhere to¬†put them so I put them on the floor in the laundry room. I would accidentally¬†pick it up on a later date with other items and wash it. The fix basket is for those missing a button, messed up zipper, holes, etc. They usually end up on my dining room table, then moved to my kitchen counter, then back to my dining room table. It’s a vicious cycle. The donate is well….stuff to donate.


Small curtain rods on the back of the coat closet door to hang scarfs, gloves, and hats.

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