Some of the best children’s tips EVER!!

Some of these tips I have used and some of them I have not. Most of them sounded like a good idea, and some of them did not. šŸ˜‰ There may be one or two that is just ridiculous but I had to share because they made me chuckle!

  • If you have ever had to give eye drops to a small child, you know how hard it can be. Ask your child to lay down and close his/her eyes. Place a small drop on the inside corner of the eye. The drop will slip onto the eye-ball as soon as the child opens their eyes.


  • Tired of washing dishes all day, or getting blamed for tossing a drink that a family member was still drinking? Make a coaster tray and assign a coaster to each family member. When they are done with their drink they set it on the coaster until they need it again.
  • Two boxes that should be in every home are a “Fix it” box and a “Donate” box. Whenever you child comes to you with a broken toy that you don’t have time to fix instead of letting it clutter up the kitchen counter or get lost with the rest of the toys just toss it in the “Fix it” box. Next time you have the glue gun or sewing machine out look through the box to see what can be fixed. Toss anything that is too small or your kids no longer play with into the donate box and once a month (or more if needed) drop the items off at the donation center. (or sell it like I do)
  • Toss small items such as baby spoons, pacifiers, sippy cupsĀ and bottle caps inside a small mesh lingerie bag and set the bag in the top rack of your dishwasher.Ā  This will
    keep things from falling off the rack and getting lost or ruined in the bottom on the dishwasher.


  • Laminating paper allows kids to color or work on a project over and over again without wasting paper. Also works great for ‘To Do’ and ‘Cleaning’ lists. Need something more permanent? Use permanent marker and when you are ready to erase it just spray some hairspray on it and it will wipe right off.


  • To help young kids figure out which shoe goes on which foot, cut a sticker in half and place the right half inside the right shoe and left half inside the left shoe. Kids can then match up the sticker.
  • Had to put a band-aid on a boo boo? Before you take the band-aid off saturate it in vodka. The vodka will dissolve the adhesive making it painless to remove. (OR here’s an idea…Just rip that bad boy off! Come on! It doesn’t hurt that bad! ha ha)
  • Disney will send you replacements for any of your damaged Disney DVD’s!! It will cost you $6.95 per DVD and $8.95 per blue ray. So much cheaper than going to the store and buying new ones.
  • Most of you have heard this one by now, but just in case…When your child has a stuffy nose, instead of putting vapor rub on theirĀ chest, put it on the soles of theirĀ feet and put socks on them. Works like a charm. I have tried it!

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