The first project

The Entertainment Center

I previously said I was going to start small. I am glad I did. We have a fairly small entertainment center at the moment. It normally would have taken me 30 minutes at the most to clean and organize it. But between Easton wanting to stare at my face and Gavin and Trace wanting drinks, food, attention, games, or anything else they could think of, it took me close to 3 hours. Who knew kids had to eat, right?

I got a few before  pictures:

This is where we keep most of our dust. Just kidding; that is only a small portion of our dust. It’s also where we keep a lot of my books, Austin’s books, wii games, PS3 games, movies, picture albums, and some of the wii attachments. I forgot to take a picture of the middle drawer which was a jumbled mess. I also had a separate chest full of Wii and PS3 wires and remotes. I have had it for close to 10 years and it was all broken from Trace climbing on it when he was learning to walk. I didn’t take a picture of it either. I emptied it out and threw it away.

I took everything out and dusted and cleaned the inside. When putting everything back inside I decided to have a his and hers side. I already had a few baskets I got from the Dollar Tree on hand. Eventually I will probably buy some cute dark brown baskets. But for now these will do in a pinch. I also have misplaced my label maker. I am sure in the days ahead I will find it while organizing something else. But other than that no supplies were needed for this project.

On the Hers  side I put a few of my books that I haven’t had a chance to read yet and a dictionary and thesaurus because I tend to have a nerd side. Those were placed neatly on the bottom shelf in the back. In front of the books I placed a basket with the wii games for the kids. On the top shelf I placed another basket with the wii games the kids can’t play. Most are Austin’s sports ones and a few of my fitness ones. Those that are fitness ones have dust on them. Don’t you judge me! Behind the basket I placed the DVD holder with all our movies. If you read the OCD post you will know these movies are already separated into genres. 😉 They are grouped in children’s, horror, comedies, etc. It looks like this:

On the His  side I neatly stacked Austin’s millions of books he has collected. They took up most of the top shelf by themselves. On the bottom shelf I stacked all the picture albums that one day I will get around to making scrapbooks out of. In front of those I placed a basket with Austin’s PS3 games and his controller and charger. I placed another basket beside it withe the extra cords and controllers. It looks  like this:

I then placed 2 small baskets with wii controllers and wii remotes in the middle drawer. I also put the extra cords and mats in there. It looks like this:

I now have a nice organized entertainment center!

Once again we went from this:

To this:

I am just glad it has glass doors on the side that hid the mess all this time. One day we will get a new entertainment center, but for now this one is all organized! Happy Organizing!

2 responses to “The first project

  1. Organization is a process, not a state achieved in one day. Think about it as “being organized” or “staying organized,” not “getting organized.” For now it is still like that, but only because I go behind everyone and re-fix it. But it is so much easier now that everything has a place.

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