When the Devil is not fishing he is mending his nets.

The cleverest trick of the Devil is most people do not believe in his demons.

I’ve been working on a Bible study lately about discerning the voice of God. I went into the study thinking I had that down pat, but who couldn’t use another Bible study, right? Although I have always been pretty good at pointing out when God is speaking to me in various ways, this study has taught me so much more than hearing His voice.

I have recently noticed the closer I become to God and the more I learn, the harder Satan works to distract me. Because I have noticed, it has also made me aware of the demons that surround us all. Demons all have different names. Anger, Greed, Pride, Bitterness, Jealousy, Worry, and Hatred are just a few.Those aren’t just words. Those are demons who specialize in certain sins. And those demons prey on us day in and day out. The harder you work to live like a christian the harder they work to plant seeds. Satan will use anything and everything to throw you off your path. He knows every weakness you have and will use it to his advantage.

Although I am frightened of them, I am glad I am aware of them. I am now able to place blame where it is due. Instead of being angered by circumstances, people, or situations, I am able to recognize Satan at work. I have God in my corner and He fights all my battles with me.  And He always wins…


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