I have CDO. It’s like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order…as they should be.

I do not have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am just obsessive compulsive. I didn’t know this until I got married. When I moved out of my parent’s house I quickly adjusted to my own schedule, my own way of folding laundry, my own way of putting groceries away, my own way in general. Everything was done the same for 5 years.

When I got married I drove myself crazy following around behind my kids and my new husband redoing things I liked being done a certain way. I didn’t notice it bothered me until it wasn’t done just so. The towels weren’t being folded all the same way and when put in the cabinet they weren’t all facing the same way with the folded edge out. When the sodas were put in the fridge the labels were not all facing out and the cans lined up just perfectly. When hanging clothes in the closet they weren’t being separated by either color or season. Don’t you judge me! I told you I was obsessive compulsive!

It got to where I was trying to do everything myself with no help because I didn’t like the way anyone else did it. When my husband would offer to help with the laundry I wouldn’t let him because I wanted the clothes and towels folded just right. WHAT?!? Most people would love if their husband offered to help with the laundry. If he or my son helped put up the groceries I would go behind them and redo everything. I think back on all the wasted hours of “redoing” things that were already done just because I didn’t like the way it looked.

I have come a long way. It was a conscious effort I had to take on my part to ignore all the hangers facing one way and one single hanger in the middle facing the other way or the vegetables and fruit all mixed up in the drawers in the fridge.  I learned if I ignored it I would eventually forget about it. Once I forgot about it the next time it didn’t bother me as much. Then most of it didn’t bother me at all. Some things still make me cringe but I do not waste my time “fixing” them.

I will be honest. Though I have come so far, I still have my secret OC moments. When I cook eggs I rearrange the carton so the eggs are symmetrical. It doesn’t make me lose sleep if they aren’t. It is just something I do when cooking them. I still fold the towels all the same way with the folded edge facing out. But if someone else does the towels it doesn’t stay on my mind all night until I fix them. I could probably think of quite a few more weirdo things I do, but I don’t want to seem like a lunatic.

Excuse me, I have to go rearrange the movies so the covers are all facing the same way…

6 responses to “I have CDO. It’s like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order…as they should be.

  1. You have a way of making everything funny. As you said in a previous blog, Having a Big Family Changes Things, and this has to be top on the list if you want to keep your sanity.I know I’ve apologiesed for passing this down to you many times but again I am sorry. I went through the same things you are going through now. My years in the military made it even worse. Do you remember when I made you and Brandy fold your underwear regulation style? After Brandy would hang the clothes on the clothes line I would go out and rehang them. I could go on and on but we all get the message. I quickly learned this was wasted time and energy that I could be using spending quality time with my family. I’m glad you are working on it now.

  2. I don’t fold mine anymore either. I stopped while I was still at home. I know most of you didn’t know I was such a rebel back then. 😉

  3. Girl, if you lived at my house you would go nuts….all my plastic containers are just thrown in the cabinet – lids and all everywhere. The towels are only half folded and the veggies and the fruit and all mixed up (and probably some rotten too)…haha. What’s funny is that I was the opposite of you – I always thought I was super organized until I moved out on my own and then I was like, waaaait a minute, I’m not organized at all!

    • Ha ha ha this made me twitch a little just reading it. And what’s funny is it was the not folded towel part that gave me chills. Not even the rotten fruit. LOL!

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